Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Summer Days of Base/Softball

Here are some fun pictures of the kids on the ball field. Reed likes to run where ever the ball is hit, just like all 5 year old t-ball players. Thank goodness they only play 3 innings!
Mia's games are fun to watch. An "at bat" ends when there are three outs or 4 runs hit in, which ever comes first. Also, no one walks, if the pitcher throws 4 balls the batter gets a chance to hit pitches thrown by the coach. All the girls get the chance to play all the positions, Mia likes to catch the best. She also makes a pretty good third base.

Some Summer Fun

Ah, summer is here. We are enjoying some nice weather and some very fun filled days. I have always loved using the BBQ for the traditional chicken, beef, fish. When a couple of friends came over on Friday we decided to try a pizza on the BBQ. It was a BBQ chicken pizza on the BBQ! It was sooooo good! (Thanks Nicole for the idea and thanks Carrie for the recipe). Here is the end result.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whew, it's HOT up here!!

We have had some wonderful weather (mid to upper 70's). Everyone has had fun playing in the sun. Here are just a few pic's of our summer time.